African Family Revival Organization

African Family Revival Organization (AFRO) supports and develops the educational, cultural, and recreational interests of African youth, assists in the health and education of African women, and enables them to participate in Canadian society as active citizens.

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Our mission is to empower new Canadians in Waterloo Region to enable them to participate in society meaningfully as proud citizens, knowing their rights and responsibilities.

Our Resilience Programs:

Mini Me To We AFRO girls group (ages 11-13); 2017 - present (suspended due to COVID-19)

Ten week sessions; This activity was designed for the girls to spend quality time together in order to learn about one another and become comfortable in this type of setting, the activity also promotes co-operation and teamwork.

The goal of this activity was to develop guidelines that allow the girls to feel safe in a group, it also encourages problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork.

Cultural Enrichment Program Co-ed group

Drumming; Girls and boys are taught how to perform in a team environment, using different African drums, understanding the culture and heritage.

The group has performed at various community events.

Our aim is to strengthen the connection our children have to their cultural traditions by introducing them to the music, dance, food, and other elements that belong to different African heritages.

Boys University & High Sports Program at The Family Centre and University Girls Group

Through team-based sports and physical activity, we teach kids leadership, teamwork, and important life and social skills for future success!

The youth basketball program runs weekly.

Promote inclusion and de-stress, participate in hobbies and dreams.

In our community...resilience looks like finding happiness through empathy, appreciation and mindfulness. Here, we are understanding of people’s experiences and we acknowledge that life is full of challenges.

Resilience matters...because it helps us become more aware of our own situations and those of others. We can be open and can inspire those around us. With resilience, we are able to share emotionally engaging stories and support one another to become happier.

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