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April to December 2022

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Creative Space – arts

  • Creative Space is a safe space for children focusing on the development of their artistic skills, socialize in a safety environment, built positive values. encouraging them to find their own style and develop resilience skills in the process of making art happen.

6-12 years

Spring, Summer & Fall 2022


Music Academy

  • explore our musical creativity! getting to know each other, play games, and listen to or sing songs that we like. Each week we build our musical skills, whether that be rhythm, singing or knowledge of the keyboard, so that we can start to make our own music.
  • The kids get to learn how to use a free app called BandLab that lets them record vocals and instruments, use electronic instruments like synthesisers and drum machines, and make up original songs or cover some of their favourite hits.

6-12 years


Players Theatre

  • games, improvisation, and scene exercises, and building characters of our very own!
  • use theatre skills and techniques to build a sense of cohesion, inclusion, and community.

6-12 years



  • opportunities for youth to gain valuable experience/skills, personal growth, leadership, empowerment, local/global awareness, positive peer connections/social interactions, community connections.
  • earn volunteer hours, that can be put towards resumes, job applications and high school community service hours.

14-25 years
October – June


I AM Youth

In partnership with Women’s Crisis Services

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

Trusting Loving Connections (TLC)

  • helps caregivers understand their own childhood experiences and attachment relationships, and how they impact their own parenting and relationships with their children

Caregivers & children 12 and under

Spring, Fall, and Winter 2022

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

I AM – youth education group

  • free afterschool program to build healthy relationships with friends, family and classmates through building self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Through fun, engaging and interactive activities, I AM examines the importance of having healthy relationships and a positive personal image.
  • It brings awareness and explores topics that can impact an individual’s self-esteem and how that can affect daily decisions and relationships in an age of strong media influences

Grades 6-8

Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Legacy Kids

  • How do we raise, support and care for our child(ren) after the death of their parent? Where do we find the words to help them navigate their grief?
  • How do we differentiate between normal childhood behaviour and behaviour of a grieving child? How do we help our children to not only survive this tragedy but to thrive and grow from it?
  • This 3-week seminar will provide education and practical support to equip parents with tools and strategies to effectively support your young family.


African Family Revival Organization

Mini Me to We –

  • Cultural enrichment
  • Girls’ groups

Girls ages 11-14 grade 7-8-9

Eritrean Islamic Community of KW Region

Youth Education

  • Tutoring program for youth grade
  • Enrolling youth to online help resources

Kids between Grade 4 - 12

Bridges to Belonging

LINKS =Learning-Identity-Networks-Konnection-Strengths)

  • 5-week virtual experience of learning, discovery and creating LINKS for youth experiencing social isolation and barriers to inclusion
  • LINKS Evening Sessions (Tuesdays) - June 8th to July 6th - 6-8 pm
  • LINKS Camp - July 5th to July 9th- 9:30am - 12:00pm

14 -24 years

Muslim Social Services of KW region

Play with Me: Youth Empowerment

  • Play with Me creates a safe space for Muslim Youth and empower them to take more initiative and responsibilities in their personal, social, and school life.
  • is a safe space for children focusing on the development of their artistic skills, socialize in a safety environment, built positive values encouraging them to find their own style and develop resilience skills in the process of making art happen.

12- 16 years

Muslim Social Services of KW region

Families Art Express Project

  • The Family Art Express project will centralize marginalized and racialized families and their stories, filling the gap related to social isolation and in a community of many different peoples.
  • The project will reflect cultural diversity by creating and presenting artistic work of different family members and will support healthy family dynamics.
  • Participants will be supported to create and present artwork that is accessible, and affordable to low-income families while creating a space for immigrant, refugee, and marginalized voices to be heard.
  • Five families having different age groups of children will be connected through weekly groups starting mid April 2021.



Kids Connecting

  • Working with children zooming to make sure that the kids have a connection among themselves we are also to help them with the homework during the pandemic and lockdown.
  • help family with condition with the pandemic we are motivating everyone to get vaccine’s and we are going to figure out what the youth want to do and see how the pandemic affected them and how they are going to be able to go back to the normal activities like basketball and soccer. We are going to be working to mobilize community members to get the vaccination

6-21 years old

Spring, Summer and Fall 2022

Return of the Dragon

Boxing and self defense classes

  • boxing & self defense skills for youth


Adventure for Change

Summer Camps

  • Healthy Bodies Camp
  • Music/Drama Camp
  • STEM Camp
  • Africa Camp
  • Five Fun Days

Grades 1-6

Adventure for Change


  • Boys Basketball

Grade 5-8

Adventure for Change


  • Community Soccer

Adventure for Change

Girls Sports

  • Girls Sports Night

Grade 1-10

Adventure for Change

Girls Sports

  • Young Queens Collective

Grade 7-12

Adventure for Change

  • L.I. / HOFYL

Adventure for Change

  • Coding Program

Grade 7-8

Adventure for Change

  • Genesis

Grade 10-12

Adventure for Change

  • Canoe Trips/Mentorship Experiences

Grade 7-12

Adventure for Change

The Youth Accelerator Project

  • Mentoring & internship

Grade 7-12

Somali Canadian Association

Homework support program

  • Providing homework support for kids and families to Somali community in the region

Grade 1-12

Ethiopian Association

Soccer games

  • Providing indoor and outdoor soccer and basketball games for kids of 5 years and above. This is a weekly practice and help many families give them a break where they can go and do groceries when their kids are being active. I do see the benefit for both children and parents.
  • Financial Literacy courses

Kids of 4+ and families – youth

Ethiopian Association

Youth Volunteers

  • Supporting youth volunteerism in the community



Sensory Friendly Saturdays

  • Scheduled on the first Saturday of every month from 11:00am-12:00pm. During these hours, reduced light and volume levels in our exhibition spaces and lobby provide a relaxed environment for people living with autism and others who require or prefer a low-stimulation experience.


Youth Council

Grade 7-12