Eritrean Islamic KW Region

Empower our members by giving them a voice in the community at large and an opportunity to share their experience, concerns, and perspective. Create opportunities to introduce the Eritrean Community to the larger Canadian public by working together and exchange culture, historical and traditional experiences. Provide information session to non-Eritrean origin Canadians about Eritrea, it's culture, history, arts, Muslim and social events organized by the community. Preserve and enhance Eritrean languages and cultural awareness. Identify and address issues that affect the well being of the Eritrean community. Bridge the cultural gap between members and Canadian society Represent and advocate for members of the Eritrean community. Offer relevant programming, activities, and resources to members. Aid in matters directly or indirectly related to the settlement and integration of Eritrean newcomers.

Eritrean Islamic Community of KWC Region